12 best outdoor music venues in Budapest (2024)

12 best outdoor music venues in Budapest (1)


12 best outdoor music venues in Budapest (2)

Gábor Wágner

2022.05.05. 15:51

Spring is only just with us and everyone's looking forward to summer when open-air concerts will finally take place. Although indoor venues are still open until mid-late June, the spotlight is increasingly shifting toward clubs with outdoor spaces and gardens. Many opened on 1 May, marking the start of this year’s concert season!



1117 Budapest, Petőfi híd budai hídfő

Több infó



Indoor concert venue

Concert venue



This classic floating location at the Buda foot of Petőfi Bridge operates all year round, but summer is a completely different proposition on board the party boat. The main concert hall in the belly of the hull closes and theterraces open, where all but one of this summer’s events now takes place. Budapest’s most popular daytime party series, Sunburst, will noise up the Nose Terrace next to the Roof Terrace. To get everyone in the mood, the A38let loose last Saturday with a 24-hour season-opening party.


Akvárium Klub

1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12.

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Indoor concert venue

Concert venue



In addition to the A38 (see above), Budapest’s other main concert venue is the Akvárium Klub right in the heart of town. In similar fashion, the concert halls inside close their doors from June, and the terrace by the entrance transforms into a party venue. In addition to acoustic shows by prominent acts on the Hungarian music scene (the Lázár brothers, Nové Soma, Jónás Vera), DJs will generate a sparkling summer atmospherewith mood-enhancing dance music.


Barba Negra

Although it was recently rumoured that Barba Negra would close, this turned out to be greatly exaggerated. At some point, the place will move from its current location, at the Buda foot of Lágymányosi Bridge, but it remains here for the summer. Barba Negra is primarily a concert venue for metal bands and rockers –a glance at the agenda reveals names not to be messed with, such as Mayhem, Igorrr and Combichrist. More mainstream acts also feature, such as the evergreen Whitesnake and Hungarian poppy hip-hoppers Children of Distance, while this month domestic legends such as Edda and Hobopreach to the converted.


Budapest Park

1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 60.

Több infó


Concert venue


Budapest Park is one of the most popular summer concert venues in the capital, like one big summer-long festival on Soroksári út. As before the pandemic, the place has put together a serious line-up of performers. There will be one or two smaller one-day festivals, the best of Hungarian alt-musicscene will perform here such as Bohemian Betyars, Ricsárdgír, Csaknekedkirlány, Galaxisok, Krúbi, Bëlga, Follow the Flow, Budapest Bár, the Anti Fitness Club, Blahalouisiana and Parno Graszt. In addition, a few big international starsalso play: thePet Shop Boys, the Pixies,Pink Floyddrummer Nick Mason andGogol Bordello.


Dürer Kert

1117 Budapest, Vízpart utca 1

Több infó




Concert venue



Like Kertem (see below), Dürer Kertwas also located in Városliget, and then had to move when the rehabilitation of the park and its surroundings began. It reopened last yearon the other side of the Danube, at burgeoning BudaPart, and it proves to be a great place. Both DJsand live bandsawait audiences this season, although their bigger events are still being held on theA38 (see above) party boat or at theAkvárium Klub (see above). Luckily, there are still smallergigsatDürer Kert too, maintaining its status asone of the main venues in Budapestfor underground music.



1101 Budapest, Kőbányai út 30

Thisiconic venue in Városliget had to move from here after the construction of the huge playground began. Now Kertem can be found in District XIVatKőbányai út 30. Last year, they opened halfway through theseason,so thiswill be their first real summer. So, hopes are high, which means they have put together an impressive line-up of acoustic performers and DJs.Dates can vary, so monitor theFacebook page.


Kobuci Kert

1033 Budapest, Fő tér 1

Kobuci Kert in Óbuda awaits visitors in the courtyard of Zichy Castle near Szentlélek tér. The friendlystagesworld- and folk-musicconcerts, jazz and blues, some underground pop and electronica. Away from theparty quarter, Kobuci is a peaceful little island amid the cobblestoned squares of Óbuda,typically beckoning you to stay awhile.


Margaret Island Open-Air Stage

1138 Budapest, Zielinski Szilárd sétány

There’s more to Margaret Island than its seasonal open-air stage, of course –the Palatinus lido, a newly renovated outdoor gym, the musical fountain, for example –but here in the shadow of the water tower crowd-pleasing performers will tread the boards until the end of August. Highlights include two nights of Puccini’s Tosca, Portland’s own Pink Martini and, to close the season, the evergreen vernacular swing of Budapest Bár.


Mixát Udvar

This spring brings a brand new place to the Palace Quarter, the Mixát Udvar, which takes over the space once occupied by the Darshan udvar. Concerts will actually take place in an indoor hall, but there’s enough alfresco fun in the centrepiece courtyard for this newbie to make the cut of our round-up. Its musical direction isn’t yet set in stone but the fact that it’s one of a dozen venuescurrently hosting Jazzfest Budapest should be as good an indication as any.



1051 Budapest, Vigadó tér 1A quay

Több infó



Concert venue


outdoor concert venue


The originalPONTOONwas on the right side of the Pest end of the Chain Bridge, whose renovation forced it to relocate. Last summer, PONTOONreopened at a new location, ushering in a new era in the life of the club. However, their concept remains the same as before: underground music for parties, electronica, jazz, disco, hip hop and Gypsy music – all with nodoor charge. You can dance and party until dawn, while admiring Buda'sbeautiful panorama: the Castle, Gellért Hill and the entire embankment.


Városmajor Open-Air Stage

1122 Budapest, Városmajor

Városmajor celebrates its centenary this summer – it was in July 1922 that an open-air cinema, forerunner of this concert venue, was unveiled in this historic Buda park. These days, it tends to showcase a slightly less mainstream agenda than its partner alfresco establishment on Margaret Island (see above). Theatre and film are pushed to the fore, with occasional live music this year from alt-rockers Honeybeast and 30Y.


WAKA Budapest

1952 Budapest, Jane Haining rakpart

WAKA Budapest is another summer party venue in the capital, which opened in 2021 by the Danube, close to Elizabeth Bridge. This great location provides a breathtaking panorama from aboard the ship which houses it. Reopening on 1 May, WAKA offers primarily electronic music and DJ sessions every night, but last year there were regular yoga and brunch events and a charity party to help disadvantaged children on this Caribbean-inspired boat.



live music

dürer kert

akvárium klub

margaret island open-air stage


kobuci kert

waka budapest

budapest park



barba negra

városmajor open-air stage

mixát udvar

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12 best outdoor music venues in Budapest (2024)
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