855-409-4227 (2024)

1. (855) 250-4227 - RoboKiller Lookup

  • 855-409-4227. Left a message with today's date and said I was eligible for a refund for employees in my company. I don't own a company. August 11, 2023.

  • Neutral; Scam

2. It's the IRS calling…or is it? | Consumer Advice

It's the IRS calling…or is it? | Consumer Advice

3. (855) 751-4227 - RoboKiller Lookup

  • Telemarketer. Learn More Learn more about this scam. Worried about phone and text scams? Learn how Robokiller can protect you.

  • Neutral; Telemarketer

4. 855-409-7073 | 18554097073 - Robocaller Warning! - Nomorobo

  • 3 days ago · (855) 409-7073 is a Robocall. Click here to listen. Powered by Nomorobo.

  • (855) 409-7073 is a Robocall. Click here to listen. Powered by Nomorobo.

5. [PDF] Toll-free 1-866-242-7726, TTY 711 - Evidence of Coverage 2023

  • Your Medicare & District Medicaid Health Benefits and. Services and Prescription Drug Coverage as an Enrollee of. UnitedHealthcare® Dual Choice (PPO D-SNP).

6. Service Center Locations - Easterseals

  • 120 Bogden Blvd. Millville, NJ 08332. Visit our Website. Phone: (855)215-4541|Fax: (856)327-6458. CEO: Brian Fitzgerald ...

  • Advocating for full equity, inclusion, and access

Service Center Locations - Easterseals

7. [PDF] UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

  • Vietnamese. Nếu quý vị không nói và/hoặc đọc được tiếng Anh, vui lòng gọi đến số 1-866-242-7726, TTY (Thoại văn bản) 711, từ 8:00 sa – 5:30 ch, ...

8. Robocalls' top 10 led by Comcast, Capital One calls - USA Today

  • Jul 6, 2018 · Comcast or Capital One calling? It may be a robocall scam. Here are the top 10. Alia Wong. USA TODAY.

  • Should you pick up that random number? Chances are it was a robocall.\u00a0About 4.1 billion robocalls were made nationwide in June alone, according to YouMail.

Robocalls' top 10 led by Comcast, Capital One calls - USA Today
855-409-4227 (2024)


Is this a legitimate number? ›

One way to check if a number is potentially a scam is to use a reverse phone number lookup service. These websites and apps allow you to enter a number and see public information associated with it, such as the registered name, location, and carrier.

Who is calling me from 855? ›

The 855 area code is mostly used for business numbers. There are no restrictions on the type of company that can use this prefix, but it is most popular with businesses that have to handle a large volume of incoming calls. This includes, for example, sales teams, marketers, customer support services, and call centers.

How can you tell a scammer number? ›

Below are common warning signs of a phone scam:
  1. A claim that you have been specially selected.
  2. Use of high-pressure sales tactics and “limited-time” offers.
  3. Reluctance to answer questions about the business or the offer.
  4. Request that you “confirm your personal information”

Why is the Feed Foundation calling me? ›

Upon further investigation by CharityWatch, it appears that such calls are not legitimate fundraising calls from the FEED Foundation, but are rather the result of a potential scam.

How do I check if a phone number is spam? ›

If you want to know whether a missed call came from a spam number, you might find the answer through a simple Google search. Simply entering the phone number into your preferred search engine can often tell you if it's a scammer. Otherwise, you can search the number across specific sites where people talk about scams.

How to check a telephone number? ›

You can track a phone number using a few different free methods. An online reverse phone lookup tool is a quick, easy, and legal way of doing it. With sites like Who Called Me? and Truecaller, you can just type in a phone number and you might get some details back about who owns it.

Should you answer 855 numbers? ›

Is 855 area code legitimate or a scam? Yes, the 855 area code is legitimate and safe. It is the prefix of the toll-free numbers used in the USA, Canada, and other North American islands. Although it is legal to use it for legal purposes, some people abuse it for illegal purposes such as scamming.

What city is 855 area code? ›

What is the location of 855 area code numbers? 855 isn't associated with any specific location. Since 855 phone numbers are easily accessiblet to callers in many regions, businesses use them to connect with customers throughout Norht America.

How do I find out who owns an 855 number? ›

To find out who is calling you from an 855 number and whether it is legitimate, you should take note of the number in your caller ID and then run a Google search to find the company or person responsible.

What numbers should you avoid answering? ›

Five area codes you should never answer
  • 876 Area Code. The 876 area code is connected to numbers in Jamaica. ...
  • 473 Area Code. The 473 area code is associated with phone numbers based in Grenada and Carriacou. ...
  • 268 Area Code. ...
  • 284 Area Code. ...
  • 649 Area Code. ...
  • General unwanted unsolicited calls. ...
  • Ring and run. ...
  • The one-ring scam.
Feb 13, 2024

What happens if you call back a spam number? ›

Spam callers can hide international numbers with ID spoofing. These one-ring calls are bait — the fraud happens when you call back the spam number. If you must call back after a missed call, check the area code to ensure it's in the United States.

Can a scammer get into your phone with your phone number? ›

Your phone can't be hacked from your number alone, although there are some zero-click attacks that can install malware even if you don't answer a call or click a text. Usually, to hack a phone, scammers need targets to take some action, like clicking a malicious link or downloading an infected app.

What the heck is the FEED Foundation? ›

The FEED Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to raising funds to support programs and organizations that are effectively working to fight hunger and eliminate malnutrition throughout the world.

Who is the owner of the FEED Foundation? ›

Founded by Lauren Bush Lauren, the FEED Foundation is the non-profit arm of FEED that supports programs and organizations that are effectively working to fight hunger and eliminate malnutrition.

How to check a number online? ›

With Truecaller's reverse phone lookup tool, you can now simply type the caller's number in the search bar above and find out who called you within seconds! The best part? Truecaller also tells you if the caller is a spammer.

Can you look up fake numbers? ›

If you want to find out if a phone number is fake without calling it, use a phone validator. It's the fastest and most reliable method of identifying fake phone numbers. It cost a few cents, yes.

Is it possible to find out who a number belongs to? ›

Some popular reverse phone lookup services include: Whitepages, AnyWho, Zaba, Truecaller, BeenVerified. Search social media. Many people list their phone numbers on their social media profiles. You can try searching for the phone number on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

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