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Every single individual that goes through the enlistment process should excel both mentally and physically. That is the number one principle that has consistently inspired this nation to serve these brave and honorable individuals with unwavering efforts. Those efforts officially came to the forefront when the country as a whole decided to correct perhaps the most significant enlistment related problem (passing the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test). Countless hours of hard work and dedication are currently reflected by the top-of-the-line ASVAB practice tests that this nation offers.

The original intent:

The questions that have a tendency to arise rather quickly are something along the lines of “why is this test so important?” and “What is the overall purpose of this test?” Well, first it is important to define the actual test and to assess the colorful history of the test. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test (ASVAB) is a test that was officially formatted in 1968 with the intention of mentally preparing soldiers with knowledge that identifies with the following:

  • Space perception
  • Numerical operations
  • General information
  • Tool knowledge
  • Coding speed
  • Attention to detail

The various armed forces adopted all of those aspects in 1976. At that point in time, the test was in its written form rather than today’s more common form (computerized test format). The written form covers all of the previously mentioned areas as well, which is why both forms are still available. All-in-all that answers the question concerning the intention of the test.

Dramatic, but necessary changes:

After adopting the test in 1976 the test became a way of indicating whether or not an individual was 100% qualified to serve. As previously mentioned this aptitude test has a colorful history. That is because it underwent a dramatic change in 2002 and another dramatic change in 2004. The change that occurred in 2002 expanded the categories of the test and the overall difficulty. This can be seen by the addition of all of the diverse categories below:

  • Arithmetic reasoning
  • General science
  • Word knowledge
  • Paragraph comprehension
  • Mathematics knowledge
  • Electronics information
  • Automotive and shop information
  • Mechanical comprehension
  • Assembling objects
  • Verbal expression

After adding so much information to the aptitude test, there was a bit of difficulty interpreting the test results. In addition to that, a vast majority of test takers were deemed as being under qualified based on their test results. This is why the percentile change was made. It ensured that a 50% actually correlated with a person doing better than 50% of the test takers. Those revisions have worked hand-in-hand with the preparation of the armed forces.

Getting to know the in’s and out’s:

The content of the test has been clearly laid out, but there is still a ton of information concerning the actual place where the test is administered and the time that is allocated for each section. The computerized test is administered in a “military entrance processing station” (MEP) or a satellite region that is identified as a “military entrance tests site” (MET). The difference in the two locations is that the METs are the places that are responsible for administering the written test, while MEPs are the places that administer the computerized tests.

The huge controversy arises when individuals hear about the differences in the time allocated for each section. That controversy dramatically increases once again when individuals hear about the huge time differences that are allowed for each type of test.

One of the individuals that are undergoing this test would be given the same kind of content and overall questions regardless of the type of test they took (written or computerized). However, the time changes and number of questions are extremely different. These and noted below:

Computerized vs. written:

SectionTimeNo. of Questions
General Science8 minutes16 questions
Arithmetic reasoning39 minutes16 questions
Word knowledge8 minutes16 questions
Paragraph comprehension22 minutes11 questions
Mathematics knowledge20 minutes16 questions
Electronics information8 minutes16 questions
Automotive and shop information7 minutes11 questions
Mechanical comprehension20 minutes16 questions
Assembling objects16 minutes16 questions
SectionTimeNo. of Questions
General Science20 minutes45 questions
Arithmetic reasoning36 minutes30 questions
Word knowledge11 minutes35 questions
Paragraph comprehension13 minutes15 questions
Mathematics knowledge24 minutes25 questions
Electronics information9 minutes20 questions
Automotive and shop information11 minutes25 questions
Mechanical comprehension19 minutes25 questions
Assembling objects15 minutes25 questions

Harder than the SAT?

In complete honesty, one can say that the test identifies with an entire life's worth of knowledge. It essentially pulls from 3 different aspects. First, it draws from concrete facts that were acquired from all areas of a person's educational career. Secondly, it draws from a person’s ability to comprehend and use context clues to make assumptions. Lastly, it draws from a person’s physical/verbal skills to see if they can properly administer those more physical aspects. Overall this is why people have identified it as the “SAT on steroids.”

The logical reasoning:

The SAT requires training of the mind. More specifically it requires one to be able to pick up on context clues, make valid assumptions, and express concrete facts. This is why millions of students study intensely before they jump right into the test. Imagine if another area was added onto that same test. The person studying for that test would then need to study even harder. That is the logic that should be put forth when preparing for the ASVAB. It requires that a person expresses the previously mentioned skills while adding the verbal/physical aspects. The question becomes “How does one prepare themselves for this rigorous test?”

The importance of an ASVAB practice test:

There are essentially two options when it comes to preparing for this test. First, a person can attempt to reassess all of the information that they learned over a decade by spending hours compiling information. Secondly, a person can find a specially formatted ASVAB practice test that covers all areas of both the written test and computerized test. Clearly, the best choice is the ASVAB practice test. The question becomes “Where does one find an accurate ASVAB practice test?”

The unparalleled system:

At this point, it should be clear that an ASVAB practice test is required. The next decision is regarding the people that should be trusted to provide the test. Well, that is undoubtedly the nation's practice tests. They have a team of men and women that thoroughly analyze all areas that are covered on the ASVAB test. In addition to that, those men and women examine previous test questions and implement those so that the user of the tests is provided with the most precise questions. Lastly, one can say based on the unequivocal evidence that individuals that prepare with these ASVAB practice tests excel.

Making dreams a reality:

Every single individual that wishes to serve this country is without a doubt a brave person that deserves respect. These practice tests are offered because everyone wants to see these soldiers follow their dreams. Additionally, the nation as a whole firmly believe that those honorable individuals should not be held back because of their inability to recall some pieces of information. This nation does not just dream about making a difference.

Free ASVAB Practice Test | (2024)


Is there a free practice ASVAB test? ›

Take our free, 15-question ASVAB practice test on

What is the best website to practice the ASVAB? ›

Official ASVAB practice tests are found at only one place: the official website of the US Military. On this site, you'll find three full-length practice ASVABs as well as three shorter ASVAB practice tests. The shorter tests each have 40 questions, and the full-length tests each have 225 questions.

Can you take the real ASVAB test online? ›

Yes, the ASVAB is available to be taken online but you can not take it from the comfort of your own home. Candidates will need to go to a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) to take the test or at a Military Entrance Testing Station (METS) for which there are over 14,000 locations.

Is ASVAB harder than SAT? ›

The ASVAB test is similar to the SAT or ACT, but harder. This test, more than the SAT and ACT, is designed to show the whole skillset of a person. Reading, math, and science are part of the test, but other things like electronic, automotive, and mechanical questions are included as well.

How to pass the ASVAB easily? ›

How to Study for the ASVAB Test
  1. Take a solid core of science, English, and mathematics classes.
  2. Check out sample questions.
  3. Look for other online resources.
  4. Utilize your local library.
  5. Ask your recruiter for help studying.
  6. Seek advice from your guidance counselor.
  7. Take a practice test.
Mar 20, 2024

What is the minimum to pass the ASVAB? ›

To enlist, you need an ASVAB score of at least 31. However, if you have a minimum score of 21, there's an academic track of the Future Soldier Preparatory Course to help you better your score. This 90-day program provides training on all the subjects covered on the ASVAB, as well as opportunities to retake the test.

Which ASVAB test is easier? ›

The CAT-ASVAB may seem harder or easier than the P&P-ASVAB because the CAT-ASVAB is tailored to your specific ability level. The P&P-ASVAB contains some very easy and very hard questions, but most are of average difficulty.

What is a good ASVAB score? ›

ASVAB Standard Scores

This means that a standard score of 50 is an average ASVAB score, and a score of 60 would be an above-average score. According to, about half of young adults ages 18 to 23 score at or above the standard score of 50, while only 16 percent score at or above 60.

Is ASVAB for dummies worth it? ›

I would recommend this to anyone attempting to take the ASVAB. You will reap the benefits if you read and study the book. THIS ALSO WAS BOUGHT FOR THE SAME GRANDSON AND HE JUST GOT IT WHEN I WENT TO SEE HIM A COUPLE WEEKS AGO & WAS VERY EXCITED TO GET STARTED READING IT.

What if I fail the ASVAB test? ›

Individuals planning on a military career who did not get high enough ASVAB scores can retake the test. After the first testing attempt, individuals must wait a full month before retaking the ASVAB. If they need to take the test a third time, they must wait another six months from the date of their second attempt.

Can I take ASVAB at home? ›

The final test is the Pending Internet Computerized Adaptive Test or PiCAT which is the online ASVAB and the full test. This can be taken at home or the recruiting office but is up to your recruiter. There are additional requirements for this test.

Can I check my own ASVAB score? ›

You can look up your ASVAB scores online through the methods mentioned above. To see your scores online, use your access code to log in or Make an account at using your access code to see your scores online. You can request your access code using the score request link if you don't have your ASR.

What level of math is on the ASVAB? ›

High school math principles, like algebra (factors), geometry (perimeter and volume), and trigonometry, are tested on the Math Knowledge ASVAB. Candidates must be familiar with fundamental formulas and terms, including probability, numeration (exponents and roots), and theory (primes and integers).

How good is a 92 on the ASVAB? ›

For example, if you receive a percentile score of 92, this means that you did better than 92% of the other test-takers. Along with your AFQT score, you'll also receive a Composite score that helps the Army decide which career you would be best suited for.

How many people fail ASVAB? ›

How to Study For the ASVAB. 8 out of 10 people fail the ASVAB on their first try. Don't let that be you. To prepare the right way for the ASVAB, you need to have a passing AFQT score + have the minimum composite score (line score) for the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) you wish to qualify for.

Can you take the ASVAB test at home? ›

The final test is the Pending Internet Computerized Adaptive Test or PiCAT which is the online ASVAB and the full test. This can be taken at home or the recruiting office but is up to your recruiter. There are additional requirements for this test.

How many questions are on the full ASVAB practice test? ›

The computer-based ASVAB has 135 questions, while the paper-based ASVAB has 225 questions. Both versions of the ASVAB are organized into a number of different subtests, all of which have a different number of questions that must be completed within a specific time limit.

Are there apps to help with ASVAB test? ›

ASVAB Mastery offers 1000+ ASVAB practice questions covering all ASVAB test sections. Our app is designed to provide a comprehensive ASVAB challenge that tests your knowledge, skills, and abilities across all areas of the test.

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