Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 27, 2024 (2024)

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 27, 2024

Judy Note: There appeared to be an elaborate trap in the works to have Donald Trumparrested and thus make him ineligible to run for office. Thetrap was set to go off after he walked off the stage at the end of thePresidential Debate on Thurs. 27 Juneevening.

Details of this trap began to be uncoveredlast Mon. 24 June when federal judge Aileen Cannon heardarguments to impose a gag order regarding Trump speaking about his classifieddocuments case. If Cannon imposed the gag order and Trump tried to defendhimself in the Thursday debate on questions about the documents case, he wouldbe in violation of that gag order and subject to arrest.

However, the planned arrestof Donald Trump was unlikely to hold for long. Next Mon. 1 July 2024 Trump was expected to be reinstated as the legitimatepresident of the USA. It was rumored that onthat Monday Judge Clarence Thomas would announce SCOTUS decisions on twocases brought before the Supreme Court several months – perhaps years – prior.

One case was presented bySidney Powell that contained undisputedevidence from a Military vote count of 2020 Watermarked Ballots. The officialcount was said to show that Trump won by 80% in 46 out of 50 states. Sun. 8 Nov. 2020: TrumpWin Validated by Quantum Blockchain System Recount of Votes

The second was concerning theBrunson Case that alleged Congressfailed to investigate 50 official allegations of voter fraud before certifyingthe 2020 Election. Since it was blatantly true that Congress failed toinvestigate, the SCOTUS decision was bound to produce a slam dunk positivedecision.

Announcement of SCOTUSdecisions on either or both cases would automatically dissolve the BidenAdministration and all of Congress – and place the US under Military Law –which would reinstate Trump – until a new election could be held.

Mysteriously after five long years and justbefore Trump’s predicted reinstatement, Julian Assange was suddenly releasedfrom jail (on the condition that he destroy evidence inhis possession). He was originally arrested after exposing Intel on a PedophileChild Sex Trafficking Ring run by Obama, Biden, Clinton and Pelosi out of theWhite House. Mon. 26 April 2021: Obama/ Biden/ Clinton/ Pelosi White HousePedophile Ring Uncovered by Wikileaks

Another surprise arrest: Israeli PM Netanyahuwas recently arrested by the Israeli police force, charged as aWar Criminal for instigating a False Flag attack on Israeli soil.

Even more surprise arrests were in the works:The Global Currency Reset of 207 nations to gold/asset-backed currencies was said tohave the effect of automatically shutting down the Cabal’s international drug,gun-running, Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring. Thatwas because the Illuminati’s “Dirty Monies” wouldn’t be accepted on the newGlobal Financial System that was already functioning independent of banks onover 500 Star Link Satellites floating above us in the air.

·“The World will change and tremble in thenext couple of weeks! I tellyou today - don’t be afraid. All assets are in place. The truth is the light -defeats darkness. Biden Impeached. Trump Q rules. I’m alive. She is alive. Heis alive. We are in the silent war, which is a final battle over the entireentire planet. It takes time, be patient.” …The 17th Letter (JFKJr.) on Telegram Wed. 26 June 2024:

·Wed. 26 June 2024 Military is the only way: “Since Trump became president of the US morethan seven million children and women have been rescued from Sex Traffickingand slavery by the Military. I’m happy to report that all of the biggestplayers of the Illuminati Cabal have been arrested and prosecuted, most of themexecuted for their heinous Crimes Against Humanity. Saving the children of theWorld would not have been possible without someone as strong and un-corruptibleas President Trump and the 1,700 strong Military Leaders in command of thebrave US Military who have witnessed pure evil during their rescue missions –they say some 17,000 times worse than War Atrocities. Many celebrities,businessmen and politicians have blood sacrificed either their own children orclose family members. Look it up. It’s all of them. Some Cabal players havebeen left on purpose to be arrested and publicly tried when evidence of theirevil is revealed. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Wed. 26 June 2024

·Wed. 26 June 2024: BQQQM~SCARE EVENT!!! The Red Sky Event:Cheyenne Mountain and Military Operations – Blackouts, Cyber Attacks, and theNear-Death Civilization Event , We are standingat the precipice of an eight-year storm, a period of intense upheaval andtransformation. This storm is not just about destruction but about exposing thedeep-seated corruption within the global elite.

·Wed. 26 June 2024 US Banks unrealized losseshave reached $525 billion.This is almost seven times bigger than the great financial crisis of 2008. Theunrealized losses have exceeded the total reserves of America’s largest banks.In addition, the FDIC doesn’t have enough money to cover bank deposits.

·Wed. 26 June 2024: Is it All a Set Up! Trump Debate Trap:Arrested the Moment He Walks Off Stage!

·Wed. 26 June 2024 BREAKING: Biden's State Dept OfficialAdmits Great Replacement is Real, “They Want to Change the Demographics of theUnited States. Traditional, standard Americans are not leftists. LatinAmericans are all leftists. This is just to try and change the demographics [ofthe United States]. I wish people knew we were letting in criminals [to theUnited States] daily.” … U.S. Consular Officer

·Wed. 26 June 2024: LargestU.S. fresh egg producer halts production at Texas plant after bird flu found in chickens; about1.6 million laying hens and 337,000 pullets were culled.

·Wed. 26 June 2024: BQQQM! What Is The DEVOLUTION PLAN?Disclosing The Truth Behind The White Hats’ Military Operations!

·Wed. 26 June 2024: The Illusion of World War III: A Deeper Diveinto Global Military Dynamics and Hidden Agendas – The Real War Scenario &Military Assessments

·Tues. 25 June 2024: URGENT! MILITARY INTEL: White Hats arePlanning a Massive Move that Will Red-Pill the World on a Fast Grand ScaleOperation. .

A. Global Currency Reset:

·Wed. 26 June 2024 Wolverine: It’s ready to go, in fact it has alreadystarted. Some are getting paid and they are all underNDA. Another source says it is going tobe this week, but things arehappening right now and they are processing the first group. The secondgroup should go around the 4thof July, while some say right after Thurs. 4 July.

·Wed. 26 June 2024 TNT Tony: “Every single source says it’s done and weawait the go signal. So we wait. There is agreement amongst them re: when itwill be announced and what they are waiting on. Sunday 30 June 2024 is a celebration day in Iraq. They are waitingfor the trigger, there is a trigger. He won’t tell us what that is. The Dinar LiveNew Rate Window is Thurs. 27 June 5pmEST 2024 to Sunday morning 30 June2024.

·Tues. 25 June 2024 MarkZ: “I am getting inundated with bank contactstelling me to expect that things have already started, but coming to fruitionin banks after July 4, with a rollout in the days immediately following – around the 6th and 7th.That is the rumor. Remember that we don’t know the timing. I am sure getting aheck of a lot from the banking side that things are now moving quickly and thatis what they are preparing them for.”

·Wed. 26 June 2024 Frank 26: Iraqi Prime Minister Al Sudani and his teamwent to the US Treasury and delivered the monetary reforms that Sudani wouldimplement for RV and RI of the IQD. That was the reason they were reforming thebanking sector, which would increase the value of the Iraqi Dinar.

·Wed. 26 June 2024: NESARA GESARA – The Cry for Restitution andJustice: The Shocking Truth About Our Stolen Wealth and the Cry for Restitution

B. Global Financial Crisis:

·Wed. 26 June 2024 US Banks unrealized losseshave reached $525 billion.This is almost seven times bigger than the great financial crisis of 2008. Theunrealized losses have exceeded the total reserves of America’s largest banks.In addition, the FDIC doesn’t have enough money to cover bank deposits. …USDebt Clock on Telegram Wed. 26 June 2024

·Wed. 26 June 2024 The United States FederalReserve has been allegedly hacked by a Ransomware group called LockBit. The declaration was made through a post onthe Dark Web. The group claims to have extracted 33 terabytes of sensitivebanking information. The data reportedly includes confidential details ofAmerican banking activities. This could be one of the most substantial breachesof financial data in history if proven to be true. They are already linkingthis group to Russia. There has been no confirmation of the breach by theFederal Reserve so far. The number 33 should tell you everything you need toknow. The Federal Reserve has less than 24 hours according to the group.

C. Restored Republic:

·Wed. 26 June 2024: “Dear Friends, I am writing this withimmense gratitude and joy in my heart. After 14 long years, I am finally free.This freedom is not just mine; it belongs to all of you who stood by me throughthe darkest times. Your unwavering support, your letters, your prayers, andyour belief in me kept my spirit alive. Each day, your love gave me thestrength to persevere and to hope for this day. I cannot express in words howdeeply I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for being my rock, mylight, and my hope. I am looking forward to this new chapter of life, and I amexcited to share it with all of you. Together, we have overcome, and together,we will move forward. Follow me on my new telegram channel. Everything will beExposed! With all my heart, Julian Assange”

·Trump illegally investigated by SpecialCounsel not approved by Congress. Diamond:

D. Wars and Rumors of Wars:

·Wed. 26 June 2024 War Alert Canada:

·Wed. 26 June 2024 Nearly a Million RussianTroops Ready to Smash Ukraine in Final Battle:

E. Timing:

·Wed. 26 June 2024 US Banks unrealized lossesreached $525 billion - seven times bigger than the great financial crisis of 2008 – which exceeded the total reserves of America’s largest bankswith the FDIC not having money to cover bank deposits.

·Thurs. 27 June 2024 Presidential Debate where Trump may bearrested for breaking a court gag order not to talk about a court case he willbe asked questions on.

·Mon. 1 July 2024 Trump was expected to bereinstated by Judge Clarence Thomas as the legitimate president of the USAthrough announcement on two 2020 voter fraud case decisions by SCOTUS.

·Thurs. 4 July 2024 Liberty Celebrationsscheduled in Iraq and the US with the Kingpin of the Global Currency Reset, thenew Iraqi Dinar Rate, was expected to be live.

F. The Real News for Wed. 26 June 2024:

·Since 2005 the US has fundedUkraine Lab Pathogenand Bio Weapon Research.

·Wed. 26 June 2024 Fox News: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claims therewill be a terrorist attack linked to people that crossed the border duringBiden's presidency.

·Wed. 26 June 2024 Update: 51 members of the US IntelligenceCommunity from various agencies lied to the US media to push the narrative thatHunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian misinformation operation. This was to getBiden elected and cover up for his family’s numerous crimes! They will do itagain if necessary. The CIA and other agencies have controlled elections sincetheir coup in 1963!

·Wed. 26 June 2024: Boeing Whistleblower claims Boeingrefused to discard faulty parts which could have been used in newly builtaircraft, resulting in a “catastrophic event."

·Wed. 26 June 2024: We never went to the Moon and can’teven leave the Earth’s atmosphere. So far the NASA hoax has laundered over 30billion taxpayer dollars to the Cabal.

·Wed. 26 June 2024: Trump just released a heartbreaking fourMINUTE compilation of the awful crimes committed by Biden's illegalaliens:

·Tues. 25 June 2024: JackSmith Admits Mar a Logo Raid Evidence Tampering:

G. International Child SexTrafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican andhoused in China’s Three Gorges Dam in a 1500 mile tunnel that also runs betweenthe Vatican and Jerusalem:

·Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager,John Podesta, hadunderage children transported by Uber for “entertainment” in a heated pool.According to the email provided by WikiLeaks, the children were aged 7, 9, and11."They will be in that pool for sure."

·Wed. 26 June 2024: The Leaked Document: Pope Francis’ ComplicityExposed – Deep Dives Into the Vatican Child Trafficking Scandal, In a stunning 2,300-page document leak, the world wasconfronted with damning evidence of Pope Francis’ complicity in covering up aVatican Pedophile Ring. The story takes a tragic turn as 20 Chilean Priests,daring to expose their connection to the Vatican Pedophile Ring, meet anuntimely end in a mysterious plane crash shortly after their audience with PopeFrancis. On July 20, 2014, the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brusselsdelivered a historic verdict, finding Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic JesuitSuperior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby guiltyof rape, torture, murder and the Sex Trafficking of children.

·Wed. 26 June 2024: Special Report! Global Awakening ToADRENOCHROME Terrifying The Satanic Elite! New Secrets Revealed – A PartialList of The “Black Eye” Club

·Tues. 25 June 2024: BOMBSHELL! List of Hollywood Pedo-Names,Deep State, CIA, Major Companies, Politicians, Vatican, Visitors on Epstein“Pedophile Island” – Deep State Pedophiles Exposed!

H. Why is it illegal to burn the churches that burnedchildren? Blowback, Payback, and Judgement in the GreatWhite North by KevinAnnettListen to Kevin and the Voiceof the Republic live every Sunday at 6 pm eastern

·“Then the priest took that baby and threw it intothe furnace alive. You could hear itcry ‘Uhh!’ and there was a ‘pop’ and you could smell its flesh cooking.”-IreneFavel, describing the incineration of a newborn native child at the CatholicMuscowequan Indian residential school in Saskatchewan in the spring of 1944

·“They ran out of ground to do any more burials, sothey started burning the kids’ bodies.The priests got us to do it at night so the smell wouldn’t be so noticeable.But everybody knew.”– Geronimo Henry, survivor of theAnglican Mohawk Indian residential school in Brantford, Ontario from 1957 to1966

·“They were tiny, those two little skulls. Babyskulls, right there in the schoolovens. I still get afraid thinking about it. The Principal said we’d get burnedup too if we told anybody.”– Lillian Shirt, describing findingchildren’s remains at the United Church’s Edmonton Indian Residential school inthe fall of 1963

·Lastyear, after another Catholic church had been destroyed byfire, I received a phone call from an RCMP officer. “We’re concerned about allthe churches being burned down and we thought you could tell us why it’shappening,” he said gruffly.

·Unableto resist such a perfect straight line, I replied quickly, “Well,frankly, I wonder why it’s not happening more often, considering what thechurches have done to all those children.”The cop gave an audible, frustratedsigh, so I added, “But I don’t need to tell you guys that. You helped them getrid of the kids’ bodies.”

·TheMountie hung up on me and never called back.

I. Satan Worshipping Illuminati Zionist DeepState Cabal Globalist Depopulation Agenda 2030:

·Wed. 26 June 2024: LargestU.S. fresh egg producer halts production at Texas plant after Bird Flu found in chickens; about1.6 million laying hens and 337,000 pullets were culled. The Cabal is makingsure there is a worldwide food shortage in the near future – all part of theirdepopulation agenda.

·Wed. 26June 2024 Italy Planet Farms: Italy Planet Farms is the largest Agricultural vertically integratedproduction facility in Europe - it supports farmers grow Pesticide free crops,increase growth yields & reducing water consumption through technology. Fewweeks ago, it caught fire. Coincidence?

J. Wed. 26 June 2024 White Hat Intel:

·Military Operations has had Julian Assange inprotective custody sinceCIA Director Pompeo said he wanted to kill him.

·In 2020 the CIA went after what they didn’t know was the body double ofAssange and did kill that body double in 2020.

·The White Hats then replaced that body double with a secondbody double of Assange. All the while Assange himself has remained inprotective custody.

·Trump and his worldwide Associates paid for Assange’s defense. Tump personally wiredfunds for Assange’s defense. The paper trail of that will come out in due time.

·The hundreds (actually thousands) of terabytesof data that connected toHillary Clinton, Pizzagate, Pedophile rings, Epstein, P Diddy, Hollywood andother Elites were hidden in the Internet through certain unopened emailaccounts and locked chambers in the Deep Web, including real software andservers of WikiLeaks that were hidden in secure banks.

·Now the White Hat Military has full controlof servers, software and theAssange Internet Kill Switch programs.

·Now there was major panic in the Pentagon, CIA Deep State Military Intelligence and WashingtonDC Elites as the real Assange makes reappearance. They know there was no use tokill him now because the military have all the data and servers and Kill Switchkeys.

·There is true panic in DC corrupt ThreeLetter Agencies and DeepState Military leaders as the Kill Switch holds keys to the real events of 911documents, emails and phone calls connecting Bush, Cheney, Clinton, CIA, DARPSto 9/11 Events.

·A big part of bringing down Assange by theDeep State was the cover up ofAdrenochrome harvesting connected to Clinton human trafficking, John Podestapedophilia rings, Epstein, Hollywood, P Diddy and top Elites and musicexecutives.

·Now there is PANIC as the Rockefellers/ theCarnegie endowment (CIA operators) + Elites are in desperate panic to create new laws to stopWHISTLEBLOWERS and any accusations against the CIA and Pentagon for corruptionconnected to human trafficking, conspiracy and slanderous accusations. Rightnow the Democrats are preparing a Bill to stop Whistleblowers or EXPOSURE of Podesta/Clintons connection to pedophile rings and trafficking torture rituals.

·Cheyenne Mountain is very busy with USSF andthe Assange Kill Switch Keys at the same time U.S. military have been hosting Mexican nationals foremergency training in the Colorado mountain large underground bunkers nearCheyenne mountain.

·The White Hats are secretly trainingthousands of Mexican nationals for war because they are being sent back to Mexico in undergroundMaglev Trains. There is panic in parts of the Patriot communities that CHEYENNEmountain has been taken over by cartels and Mexicans. This far from the truth. TheREAL TRUTH is the White Hats are training tens of thousands of Mexicans for arevolution to over throw the Mexican government that has been controlled by theCIA operations for over a half a century.

K. Obama Renegade Summary: Obama was a bastard child of a bigamistbetween two Communists. His father ran out the day he was born. He grew up in aMuslim household and went to Muslim schools. He had sex with older white men inexchange for cocaine. He adopted Marxist ideology. He registered in college asa foreign student. He had gay relationships. He got into law school throughaffirmative action. He never did an honest day's work in his life. He waselected by white people trying to prove they're not racists. As President hedid everything he could to weaken America and aid its enemies. He spied onTrump and tried to throw the election to Hillary. ren•e•gade: Obama'spersonally selected Secret Service Codename: 'Renegade': A person who desertsand betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 27, 2024 (2024)
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