Smash Ultimate's 2nd Official Tier List - Luminosity (2024)

Welcome to our second annual LumiRank tier list. Following up our first tier list from last year, the second tier list reflects new developments in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s ever-evolving metagame, as determined by our 61 panelists ranked globally in 2023. Be sure to read the methodology, analysis, and full list of panelists after the list:

Smash Ultimate's 2nd Official Tier List - Luminosity (1)

S Tier:

S+: Steve, Sonic

S: Mr. Game & Watch, Snake, Pyra & Mythra, R.O.B.

S-: Peach/Daisy, Fox, Diddy Kong, Joker

A Tier:

A+: Kazuya, Min Min, Cloud, Yoshi

A: Samus/Dark Samus, Palutena, Pikachu, Sora, Roy, Wario, Wolf, Mario, Pac-Man

A-: Pokemon Trainer, Shulk, Bayonetta, Corrin, Lucina, Terry, Zero Suit Samus

B Tier:

B+: Sheik, Ryu, Olimar, Greninja, Falco, Mii Brawler, Sephiroth, Young Link, Luigi

B-: Captain Falcon, Pit/Dark Pit, Byleth, Rosalina & Luma, Hero, Ken, Toon Link, Ness, Mega Man, Inkling, Meta Knight

C Tier:

C+: Ice Climbers, Incineroar, Pichu, Chrom, Marth, Link, Lucario, Mii Gunner, Bowser, Jigglypuff

C-: Lucas, Banjo & Kazooie, Wii Fit Trainer, Ridley, Duck Hunt

D Tier:

D+: Mewtwo, Robin, Donkey Kong, Isabelle

D-: Bowser Jr., Ike, Villager, Zelda, Simon/Richter, Kirby, Mii Swordfighter, Piranha Plant, Dr. Mario

E Tier:

E+: King Dedede, King K. Rool, Little Mac

E-: Ganondorf


Methodology was largely unchanged from the 2023 tier list. Any player within the top 150 and honorable mentions of LumiRank 2023 Mid-Year or LumiRank 2023 Full Year was eligible to be on the panel for the tier list. Responses were received from 63 panelists in the time frame from January 18th, 2024 to February 1st, 2024, while Tweek’s ballot was filled out from a tier list video released during the time frame. Two ballots were excluded due to either scoring fewer than 5 characters, while another was excluded due to being a troll response. Panelists were asked to rate each character they formed an opinion on from 1–10, with 10 being highest and 1 being lowest. They were also asked to provide an ordered top 5 characters in the game. 95% of panelists evaluated at least three quarters of the cast, with 80% of panelists scoring every character in the game. Bayonetta, Fox, Palutena, Peach/Daisy, Pyra & Mythra, R.O.B., Shulk, Steve, and Wolf were evaluated by all 61 panelists. Once again Mii Swordfighter was evaluated by the fewest panelists, with only 55 panelists scoring the character. Panelist responses were normalized, with their top 5 scored as 10.x (e.g. their #1 was scored as a 10.5, while their #5 was scored as a 10.1). The highest and lowest 3 responses for each character were removed, and the remaining responses were then weighted by region according to each region’s representation on LumiRank 2023, to avoid higher or lower response rates in different regions from biasing the list. Tiers and tier groupings were then determined via K-Means Clustering.


  • Steve was once again the consensus number 1 character, with 46 panelists (75%) putting the character in that position. Once again Europe was the only region not to place Steve in the #1 position, putting him 3rd and putting Sonic 1st. Sonic was the only other character with multiple panelists putting them in the #1 spot, with 9 panelists (15%) putting him there.
  • A slight majority of panelists (34, or 56%) also put Sonic in the #2 position. No other character had a majority of panelists putting them in a particular spot in the top 5.
  • Out of 59 panelists evaluating Ganondorf, 55 of them gave Ganondorf the lowest score they gave anyone, with 16 of them giving every other character they evaluated a higher score. For comparison, only 25 panelists gave Little Mac the lowest score they gave anyone, and no panelists gave every character besides Little Mac a higher score.
  • Latin America was once again the only region to place Little Mac higher than the 81st position, putting King Dedede below him.
  • The five characters with the lowest standard deviations were Steve (0.450), Sonic (0.611), Snake (0.733), Terry (0.779), and Pokemon Trainer (0.801). The five characters with the highest standard deviations were Mii Swordfighter (1.798), Mega Man (1.640), Piranha Plant (1.610), King Dedede (1.585), and Ice Climbers (1.584).
  • Palutena was the highest ranked character to have no panelists place them in the top 5.
  • Incineroar was the lowest ranked character to have a panelist place them in the top 5, while Pikachu was the lowest ranked character to have multiple panelists place them there.
  • Bayonetta, Mr. Game & Watch, Corrin, Lucario, Sora, Incineroar, Snake, Pit/Dark Pit, and Samus/Dark Samus all rose at least 10 spots from last year’s tier list, while Chrom, Ken, Roy, Mega Man, Byleth, Sephiroth, and Wolf fell by at least 10 spots.
  • Jigglypuff was the only player to fall on the list despite their score going up. Conversely, Pichu, Palutena, Mii Brawler, King Dedede, Bowser Jr., Ryu, Donkey Kong, and Ice Climbers rose on the list despite their score declining, with Ice Climbers going up 5 spots.

Regional Differences

Once again, different regions sometimes differed wildly in evaluating different characters. The most notable differences are as follows:

The US and Canada were high on Mega Man (+17) and Ness (+12), and were low on Yoshi (-12).

Latin America was high on Mega Man (+21), Kirby (+15), Sheik (+14), Pikachu (+13), Marth (+13), Ness (+10), and Mii Gunner (+10), and was low on Samus/Dark Samus (-15), Ice Climbers (-15), Shulk (-14), Captain Falcon (-13), Falco (-11), and Banjo & Kazooie (-10).

Europe was high on Mii Brawler (+13), Pichu (+13), Piranha Plant (+13), Donkey Kong (+12), Pac-Man (+10), Toon Link (+10), Ridley (+10), and Zelda (+10), and was low on Captain Falcon (-25), Kazuya (-18), Lucario (-18), Ice Climbers (-10), and Robin (-10).

Japan was high on Captain Falcon (+17), Isabelle (+14), Falco (+13), Toon Link (+13), and Banjo & Kazooie (+11), while they were low on Lucina (-12), Mega Man (-11), Pikachu (-10), and Mii Brawler (-10)

Spreadsheet with summary data for each character


US & Canada:






























Latin America:







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Futari no Kiwami Ah~!

















Article Written by: Stuart "Stuart98"Hepworth

Smash Ultimate's 2nd Official Tier List - Luminosity (2024)


Smash Ultimate's 2nd Official Tier List - Luminosity? ›

Steve Remains the Best Character

Steve, the second character released in Fighter's Pass 2, has remained unmoved in the top spot of the tier list, as more top players have been able to use him to gain results. As there are no more patches coming to Smash Ultimate, it is unlikely to see him be dethroned from this spot.

Who is the strongest Smash Bros. character tier list? ›

Steve Remains the Best Character

Steve, the second character released in Fighter's Pass 2, has remained unmoved in the top spot of the tier list, as more top players have been able to use him to gain results. As there are no more patches coming to Smash Ultimate, it is unlikely to see him be dethroned from this spot.

Why is Steve banned in Smash? ›

At first this was just his obnoxious gameplay but it soon became clear that there were some legitimate concerns after pros discovered a glitch that lets him escape combos and cancel hitstun. Due to these ongoing complaints and concerns, Steve ended up being banned at various tournaments, both online and LAN.

What are the tiers of tournaments in Smash Ultimate? ›

The most authoritative ranking of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players is the Panda Global Rankings Ultimate (PGRU). The PGRU groups tournaments into one of four tiers – S, A, B, and C – based on the number of entrants, with S being the most prestigious tier and C the least.

Who is the best character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ranked? ›

Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List – Best Characters to Play in 2023
TierSmash Ultimate Tier List
S+Steve, Sonic, Mr. Game & Watch
SDiddy Kong, Joker, Kazuya, Peach, Fox, Min Min, Pac-Man, Pikachu, Aegis, Dark Samus/Samus, R.O.B., Roy, Wolf
4 more rows
Feb 15, 2024

How many majors has Light won? ›

However, a few factors ultimately kept him out of the number one spot. For one, despite his absurd consistency Light was only able to win one major/supermajor event -- MomoCon 2022. Conversely, both Sparg0 and MkLeo saw multiple major and supermajor wins, some of which were the most important events of the year.

Who is the greatest Smash player of all time? ›

  • Mew2King is often considered the greatest player across all Smash titles due to his success in multiple Smash titles. ...
  • Isai is widely considered to be the greatest Smash 64 player of all time.
Feb 25, 2024

Is the Lylat tournament legal? ›

Currently, Lylat Cruise is the only tournament-legal stage that gives nothing but iron when mined by Steve. Lylat Cruise was used for an edition of "Find the Enderman," a game Masahiro Sakurai created where he would hide the Enderman somewhere on screen for the development team to find.

Who is statistically the best Smash character? ›

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stats - Most popular characters, teams and more
#Character nameScore
56 more rows

Who is the king of smash? ›

Ken Hoang (born October 10, 1985), also known as Kenny, SephirothKen, or Liquid`Ken, is an American professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player and television personality.

Why is Steve top tier? ›

Steve's ability to create platforms and walls of his own with Mine / Craft / Create Block gifts him with an extremely potent defensive prowess that also grants him great stage control, recovery aid and gimp potential while also allowing him access to a myriad of unique advanced techniques.

Who is the most powerful character in Smash legends? ›

Best Fighter Legends

Master Cat is a powerful Legend. He is a great pick for any mode, be it the duel, battle royale, or TDM. He has great damage and charges his ultimate quickly, which ranks him as the best fighter on the Smash Legends tier list.

Who is the strongest character in Smash Bros lore? ›

Metroid's Samus deserves to be in any conversation about the strongest Smash Bros. characters according to lore and canon. Whether she is in the iconic Power Suit or in her Zero Suit form, Samus possesses incredible athleticism, superior DNA and stellar marksmanship, making her the ultimate fighter.

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