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Story (1)
Did you draw on my map?

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Story (2)“Yay! So how soon do we get home?”

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Story (3)
'Our planet appears to be missing.'

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Story (4)Ok, I found one. Now what?

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Run 3 is the first Run game to introduce a storyline, mainly told through cutscenes. Most cutscenes appear after completing a tunnel, but others show up when you click on a drawing on the galaxy map.

As of January 7, 2017, there is a cutscene gallery in the main menu. Any cutscene seen by the player before can be viewed again in the gallery. The cutscenes are displayed in chronological order, and their official names can be seen when moused over.

Before the update that added the cutscene gallery, the only way to view most cutscenes again was to play the level before it again. However, a few cutscenes could also, or could only be, viewed by clicking on a drawing on the map.

An asterisk (*) after the name means the Child is hiding in the background of the cutscene.


  • 1 Coming Through
  • 2 Batteries* (Optional)
  • 3 Heavy Sleeper
  • 4 Nice to Meet You*
  • 5 Gold Medal
  • 6 Insanity
  • 7 River
  • 8 Socratic Method
  • 9 Don't Knock It*
  • 10 Cheating (Hidden Cutscene)
  • 11 Teapot*
  • 12 Boring
  • 13 Change the Subject
  • 14 Planet Missing
  • 15 Planet Stolen*
  • 16 Student Teacher
  • 17 Join Us*
  • 18 Orbits
  • 19 Candy
  • 20 Naming
  • 21 Inflation*
  • 22 Wormhole in Sight
  • 23 Self Assembly
  • 24 Conspiracy
  • 25 Thanks for Playtesting
  • 26 My Turn
  • 27 The Next Big Thing
  • 28 The Gap
  • 29 Something Weird
  • 30 Tell a Friend
  • 31 You Think?
  • 32 Lightning Strikes Twice
  • 33 Friendly Greeting*
  • 34 Indecision
  • 35 Standards to Uphold
  • 36 Don't Question It (Optional)
  • 37 It's Just You
  • 38 Leave It Here (Optional)
  • 39 Affliction
  • 40 Discoveries
  • 41 Protip
  • 42 Crossing the Gap
  • 43 Angel vs. Bunny
  • 44 Revision
  • 45 Of Course
  • 46 Grand Opening
  • 47 Obvious
  • 48 Truancy
  • 49 Sneaking
  • 50 Boat Ride
  • 51 Morning Hypothesis (Part 1)
  • 52 Morning Hypothesis (Part 2)
  • 53 Morning Hypothesis (Part 3)
  • 54 Morning Hypothesis (Part 4)
  • 55 Morning Hypothesis (Part 5)
  • 56 Fame
  • 57 Fourth Condiment
  • 58 Wait
  • 59 Stop Solving Problems
  • 60 Superpowers
  • 61 Can't Wait
  • 62 ABCD
  • 63 Two Month Wait (Part 1)
  • 64 Two Month Wait (Part 2)
  • 65 Two Month Wait (Part 3)
  • 66 Not Alright
  • 67 Summary

Coming Through

Main article: Coming Through

Story (5)

After beating Level 10 with the Runner, a cutscene will begin there featuring her and the Skater. He is skating and accidentally makes the Runner drop the Galaxy Map. After a few failed attempts to grab the map, the Runner and Skater both jump at the same time and flip around to land on the ceiling. At last, they get back the map. The Skater almost immediately leaves for skating, without even introducing himself because he's got "exploring to do".

Batteries* (Optional)

Main article: Batteries

Story (6)

After unlocking permission to refer to power cells as batteries in the shop, a one-frame cutscene will show in Winter Games, part 3. The Student insists that they should talk normally by using the word "Batteries'', but the Skater argues that using "power cells" is better, because it sounds "smarter".

Heavy Sleeper

Main article: Heavy Sleeper

Story (7)

After beating Level 40, a rather unique cutscene will begin. The Skater has just finished Level 40 and runs into the sleeping Lizard. He starts to apologize to the Lizard, saying he was caught off guard when the gravity changed. Then, he realizes that the Lizard is fast asleep, and moves on. The Lizard then wakes up, and jumps into the B-Tunnel.

Nice to Meet You*

Main article: Nice to Meet You

Story (8)

After beating Level W-3, a conversation will begin between the Angel and Runner. The Runner meets the Angel, and they introduce themselves to each other. The Angel first compliments the Runner on her looks, but the Runner tells him that he should compliment a woman by her personality, not her appearance. The Angel offers to find the way back to the Planet together, but the Runner walks away with this after the Angel boasts himself to be more helpful than the Skater and the Student, not impressed by his ego.

Gold Medal

Main article: Gold Medal

Story (9)

After beating the Winter Games, a cutscene featuring the Child and Skater will begin. The Child gives the Skater a "gold" medal to congratulate the victory of the Skater. He is surprised and accepts the gift. However, when the Skater inspects the medal closer, he realizes that it is not made of gold, but bronze (or maybe copper). The Child replies that this is the closest thing he could find, and the Skater accepts the medal nonetheless.


Main article: Insanity

Story (10)

After beating Level M-5, a cutscene will begin in which the Duplicator is watching the Runner's attempts to reach a tunnel in the distance. She kept trying, but she fell short every time. The Duplicator asks the Runner if she has gone insane, but the Runner denies it. When she respawns, the Runner notices that the Duplicator drew on her map. The Duplicator says that this is to "commemorate the moment" she has gone insane, before the Runner finally makes it past the gap and reaches the F-Tunnel.


Main article: River

This cutscene has been replaced by a text that is shown while playing, thus removing this cutscene from the cutscene gallery. It is still referred to as River, however.

Story (11)

Upon finishingLevel F-1, theChildtellshis fatherthat he likes to call this tunnel the river. He then says rivers are a thin blue line, and this tunnel is like a thin blue line in space. The discussion ended with the Duplicator saying that this is a good analogy.

After beatingLevel F-2, the Child and Duplicator will start discussing about rivers, and Duplicator reminds his son that most books are fictional.

And after beatingLevel F-3, Duplicator asks the Child what is the color of a river, and Child answers blue. He asks what the color of water is as well. The Child replies that water is clear. Then the Duplicator starts questioning if river is really made out of water.

Lastly, after beating Level F-4, the Child wonders about what is he going to call the tunnel. The Duplicator says that "the River" is a good name and the Child replies "but it doesn't make sense anymore!". The Duplicator asks if he's sure and then tells the Child to think about what he just learned. Then he begins to say that just like rivers, this tunnel wasn't made of water as well, but then the Child interrupts him, realizing that this tunnel wasn't made of water either and that his name "The River" still works.

Socratic Method

Main article: Socratic Method

Story (12)

After beatingLevel F-5, a cutscene will begin, and it starts with the Runner allowing the Child to rename this tunnel, but not to move it on the map. She goes on to explain why, showing him that if, for example, she moved the position of LevelA-1to the end of theBox Storage Area, the map would be wrong because there's nothing over there. The Child understands this, so the Runner allows him to officially change the name from "F-Tunnel" to "The River".

Don't Knock It*

Main article: Don't Knock It

Story (13)

After beating Level L-5, a cutscene will begin featuring the Angel and the Skater. The Skater has been trying to run through Level L-4, but he keeps failing the level. After watching the Skater fall several times, he eventually runs in front of the Skater as he respawns to stop him. He tells the Skater that his skates make life harder and that it would be easier if he slowed down. The Skater responds saying "Don't knock it until you've tried it", and proceeds to skate through the level, the Angel mumbling.

Cheating (Hidden Cutscene)

Main article: Cheating

Story (14)

After using the Skater or the Child or the Runner to beat Level B-4 without jumping, a cutscene will be initiated. The Skater did not jump in this level. As the Skater skates by, the Child asks “Wasn’t that cheating?” The Skater simply says that it was fun and skates off.


Main article: Teapot

Story (15)

By clicking a drawing of a teapot will appear on the map, a cutscene will begin in Level A-2 . The Pastafarian had drawn a Teapot on the Runner's map and the Runner asks her to only doodle things that exist. However, Pastafarian insists that the Teapot does. The Runner asks if she can see it, but the Pastafarian tells her that it is too small to see. The only reason she gives for its existence is that "The Flying Spaghetti Monster places a teapot in every solar system."


Main article: Boring

Story (16)

After beating finishing the B-Tunnel, a cutscene will begin in Level B-12 featuring the Child and the Student. The Child asks the Student why she doesn't have a lab coat although she's a scientist. She says she doesn't need one, and starting to talk about what science is. He soon says that school science is boring and the Student begins arguing that science doesn't have to be boring.

Change the Subject

Main article: Change the Subject

Story (17)

After beating Level 65, the Pastafarian will appear catching up to the Skater, wanting to thank himfor getting her spoon off the roof of Level 35, saying that the Flying Sphagetti Monster is thankful as well. The Skater, avoiding the topic, asks about hobbies. She answers saying that she likes cooking, reading, and knife throwing. Then the Pastafarian decides to show the Skater how to throw a knife with her spoon as an example and the camera zooms farther away from them.

Planet Missing

Main article: Planet Missing

Story (18)

Clicking on the Planet in the map will start playing this very short cutscene, "Planet Missing". This cutscene shows takes place behind the caution barrier found before Level 1. The two characters discover that the Planet disappeared since they first entered the tunnels.

Planet Stolen*

Main article: Planet Stolen

Story (19)

Upon clicking on Level U-1, a cutscene will begin in Level 37 showing a discussion between the Duplicator and the Runner about the strange disappearance of the Planet. The Duplicator tells the Runner that the Planet is gone, but she says it will be back, then the Duplicator accuses her of stealing it, but she ignores him. The two then proceed to map out the next tunnel.

Student Teacher

Main article: Student Teacher

Story (20)

When the Power Cell doodle is clicked on the map, a cutscene will begin in Level U-2 in which the Gentleman seeks advice from the Student. He explains that the power cells pull him toward them instead of vice-versa and asks if he might have installed the electromagnet in backwards. The Student runs an experiment and throws a power cell in the air. The Gentleman flies toward it and off the screen, but then reappears and shouts at the Student. She apologizes. He eventually agrees that they learned that electromagnets work in all directions, before taking his leave.

Join Us*

Main article: Join Us

Story (21)

After beating Level A-9, Pastafarian invites the Student to come to a party. The Student says she needs to run test and refuses. The Pastafarian tells the Student that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is coming too. The Student seems to reconsider at hearing this, but sticks with her initial decision when the Pastafarian says the FSM will be invisible. The Pastafarian is worried that she spends too much time alone, but the Student insists that she is happy doing her experiments.


Main article: Orbits

Story (22)

After beating Level U-10, another cutscene starring the Duplicator and the Runner will begin. The Duplicator whispers to the Runner asking where she put the Planet, and that he promises not to tell anyone. The Runner looks exasperated as she explains once again that she didn't steal it. She then leaves to map out another tunnel and tells the Duplicator to "Catch up once you realize that the Planet orbits faster than us."


Main article: Candy

Story (23)

After beating the Low-Power Tunnel, a cutscene featuring the Child and the Angel will begin. The Angel is standing in the background, but he barely reacts when he hears the Child in his ghost costume announce the discovery of a candy bag. The Angel, realizing that they hit another dead end, announced that he was done waiting for the Runner to get them home and that he was going to take over.


Main article: Naming

Story (24)

After beating Level D-14, a cutscene will begin in Level D-12 showing a conversation between the Runner and the Gentleman. The Gentleman requests to rename a few tunnels due to uninformative names, which the Runner reluctantly allows. Then she runs back through the tunnel while the Gentleman considers the different factors needed to make a good name. The Runner decides to never let him name another tunnel. Ever.


Main article: Inflation

Story (25)

After beating Level G-10, a cutscene featuring the Duplicator and Gentleman will begin. The Duplicator says that he thinks that he found why the government in trying to keep them out. He says he was collecting power cells and earned a whole year's wages, reasoning that the Government is trying to keep them all poor. The Gentleman says it is because they want to delay inflation, but the Duplicator says it is nonsense, saying that as an upperclassman, the Gentleman isn't affected by inflation, nor believes it exists, especially since he literally has an electromagnet for collecting purposes.

Note: This is the only time Infinite mode is mentioned, as the Duplicator can only see power cells in infinite mode.

Wormhole in Sight

Main article: Wormhole in Sight

Story (26)

After beating Level T-7, a cutscene featuring the Runner and the Skater will begin. The Skater and the Runner are at the end of the level, looking at the Wormhole. Hecomplains to theRunnerthat they were nearly there. At first, he doesn't even know what the Wormhole is, only that they're trying to reach it. The Runner explains that the Student had identified it as a wormhole earlier, and that it connects to another point in the Universe. She tells him to check for any tunnels they missed.

Self Assembly

Main article: Self Assembly

Story (27)

Upon clicking on the first level of the New Tunnel, a cutscene will start, taking place in Low-Power Tunnel, part 15, featuring theChildand theDuplicator. The Child noticed a tunnel branching out from the Low-power Tunnel, saying it wasn't there before, but instead was a couple of tiles in the void. The Duplicator, panicking, says that the tunnels are alive, and the Child assumes it could be called a 'baby tunnel'. The Duplicator then rushes his son to jump into the tunnel with him, saying they could talk in the New Tunnel because newborns don't understand speech.


Main article: Conspiracy

Story (28)

After beating the New Tunnel, a cutscene starring the Duplicator and his son will begin. The Duplicator says that they will review what they know about the conspiracy. The Child is confused, because he never noticed any conspiracy. The Duplicator then explains his theory, saying what he knows about each of the characters, and how he thinks they are involved. After all of this, the Child says some things about the Student. Then the Duplicator says that it was a good observation and tells the Child that his next job is to see what the Student is really up to. Then the Child says he doesn't want to play a game where the Runner is bad. The Duplicator tells him that it is no game, saying that recognizing conspiracies is a vital life skill.

Thanks for Playtesting

Main article: Thanks for Playtesting

Story (29)

The Pastafarian encounters the Gentleman after leaving the Angel's group, and he asks for her to try his new tunnel that he built. Many topics come up, such as the pointless effort spent in trying to convert the Angel, the topic of the light bridge, the Gentleman's poor level design, and purpose of the Tunnel to the public.

After beating the Coordination Challenge tunnel, a conversation between Pastafarian and Gentleman will begin. The Pastafarian tells the Gentleman that she beats this tunnel without much problem, and Gentleman congratulates her. After that he says that he will build the remainder of this "training course", and hopes that she can provide him a review for the playtest. The Gentleman suggests that she can have a try on the next set of challenges. but the Pastafarian refuses, since she needs to find the Runner.

This cutscene was placed in the wrong place in the cutscene gallery by Player 03, the developer. This cutscene is the newest one to be added in the game as of 4/27/2019. It should be placed somewhere near "Superpowers".

My Turn

Main article: My Turn

Story (30)

After beating Box Storage Area, part 11, a cutscene featuring theRunnerand theAngel will begin. The Angel demands that the Runner give him hermap and goes on to complain that she's had more than enough time to find a way back home. The Runner questions why everyone wants to go home, revealing that she has no desire to go back to thePlanetyet.

The Angel goes on to relay his plan back to himself after getting the info he needed, on a certain tunnel that branches from the Winter Games. He starts searching for the others, to take them back home.

The Next Big Thing

Main article: The Next Big Thing

Story (31)

After finding the Skater, the Skater says that he was indeed all over the place when asked where he was, claiming he has finished each tunnel 49 times. The Angel asks if he wants to come home, but the Skater refuses, saying he isn't ready for competition in the sport of tunnel running.

The Angel goes on to wonder if the Skater went crazy in the tunnels to want to stay here, or if he started out crazy. He also says that he has been having a hard time finding the others recently, indicating that the group has gone their seperate ways.

The Gap

Main article: The Gap

Story (32)

After you click the Bridge Building minigame icon, a cutscene will start. The Student and the Runner are at the end of the B-Tunnel and it is said that the Skater saw a tunnel far away. The Runner needs help getting across so she asks the Student for help. The Student is all for it, and Bridge Building is initiated.

The Student goes off to search the Tunnels for a potential solution to this problem, wondering why everyone goes to her for help.

Something Weird

Main article: Something Weird

Story (33)

After you reach to Box Storage Area, part 6 for the first time in Bridge Building, the Student will find two rings on a box. She messes around with it (by jumping on the box) and she falls and grabs on to the ring. The cutscene ends when she realizes "This box moves!".

Afterwards, she goes to bring it back to the Runner, telling herself that she still doesn't get why people look to her for help so often.

Tell a Friend

Main article: Tell a Friend

Story (34)

After the first box of the Bridge Building minigame, a cutscene starring the Student and the Runner will start. The Student shows the Runner the ringed box and then the Runner asks how it works. The Student launches into a long paragraph about what she thinks about its abilities, proposing the idea that it was never noticed because it can't go out the tunnel, and being at the edge, it didn't budge. She also hypothesizes that when pushing the box, she is actually pushing the whole tunnel. She ALSO mentions that there are apparently two types of rings. Then the Runner says she should rephrase her question. She meant they need more of them and where can she find them. The Student says to follow her after that.

You Think?

Main article: You Think?

Story (35)

After finding the Duplicator in the Angel Missions, a cutscene with the Duplicator, Child, and Angel will show up. The Angel dashes in, saying he has good news: they can go home. The Child says he doesn't want to go, but the Duplicator disagrees, saying that he thinks his wife may be worried. That Angel criticizes the Duplicator's though process, as if it is obvious she would be worried. The Child pleads to his father if they could not go, but the Duplicator says that they must.

The Angel says that he's happy he won't have a spouse yelling at him when he gets home, but he reveals that he misses his friends, and that if they miss him just as much, they might yell at him.

Lightning Strikes Twice

Main article: Lightning Strikes Twice

Story (36)

After finding the second box, the Student shows it to the Runner in this cutscene. The Student says that they should test it to compare to the first one, but the Runner says to save the science for later and just find more. The Student agrees, although while the Runner just wants to build a bridge, the Student thinks she wants to have a third box for experimentation purposes.

The Runner point out to herself that this is her first time, at least in a long time, that she changed what was around her because she didn't like her map. She goes on to find more boxes, eventually wondering about the Pastafarian and her teapot shenanigans.

The Student goes on to find another box, theorizing on what could she could of experimented if the box was behaving differently. She has a hard time with the box, considers leaving it behind, but refuses. She does insist to herself that she should get an athlete to help however. She comments that she has been through Level 33 through Level 40 a ton recently. After getting it to B-13, she gets the Skaters help. The Skater finds one, and thinks the Student is using him.

Friendly Greeting*

Main article: Friendly Greeting

Story (37)

After the Meddler on the Angel Missions checklist, the Angel meets the Pastafarian on Level 47, with the Duplicator and his son following behind. He suggests that the Pastafarian misses her 'weird cult' and she accepts the offer to go with him. She also tells the Angel not to act superior and rude. Despite that, he ignores her entirely and still calls the way she runs stupid.

The Angel comments that this went well, but doesn't like that she wants him to change, and decides to ignore her.


Main article: Indecision

Story (38)

The Angel tells the Pastafarian that it's time to split up. The Pastafarian does so, and runs off. The Angel has his little celebration about not having to see the Pastafarian again. It also reveals that he thinks the Pastafarian is a jerk. He also wants to just ditch the Pastafarian, along with the remaining people on his list (the Gentleman, Student, Lizard, and Bunny), but that just wouldn't work.

He corrects himself afterwards, saying they need his help, and that if he left he would be unheroic. He stops by the Low-Power Tunnel and complains that he hates this tunnel in particular, noting that he can't dash as well there.

Standards to Uphold

Main article: Standards to Uphold

Story (39)

TheAngelfinds theGentleman, and after interupting the Angel a couple times, the Gentleman admits he wants to go home. However, he saysthat he will not return until his projectis ready, also stating that he would never go home with the Angel, saying he has standards. The Gentleman strolls away, wishing the Angel "A nice day!", and the Angel stands alone.

The Angel is offended by the Gentleman's behavior, stating that he is fine with leaving him out here if thats what he really wants.

Don't Question It (Optional)

Main article: Don't Question It

Story (40)

If you click on the box on The River, part 3, after you open the Bridge Building minigame and get the Skater and push the box to the Student (likely needing his help to get it across the gap between The River and the M tunnel) this cutscene appears. The Skater says he doesn't want to do science but have fun. The Skater says that some things shouldn't be questioned. The Student disagrees. She says that questions lead to discoveries. The Skater says that it was a rhetorical question.

The Student wonders how the Skater stays upright while taking over the role of box pusher. She proposes that he uses rings, or that the skates are gel, and says she could just ask, but that would be no fun. She goes to find another box, looking somewhere else this time.

It's Just You

Main article: It's Just You

Story (41)

The Angel finds the Lizard, and although not a pet person, still asks if it wants to come with him. The Lizard at first ignores him, but after turning around, the Angel realizes it doesn't care, pushing it off the platform and leaving.

He now only cares to try and find the Student, and after failing to, wonders if the Pastafarian will, and gets ready to go home.

Leave It Here (Optional)

Main article: Leave It Here

Story (42)

After you finish pushing the box out of Level T-4 with the Runner in Bridge Building, you will initiate this cutscene. The Runner is trying to push a box up to the notorious line of boxes, but fails. So instead she takes the ring off the box, and puts it on another one to push back into Level T-3, leaving a viable method of getting out of T-4, by setting gravity to the line of boxes using the newly placed box.

She considers making other jumps easier, and adds it to her mental to do list. She insists that she hopes the Angel fails at finding the Planet, while admitting that he has done more with his life than she has, also remarking that he acts like a child.


Main article: Affliction

Story (43)

The Student meets the Gentleman, and Gentleman asks her if she arrived at a solution to his affliction. The Student tells him about the rings she found on the boxes, proposing that the Gentleman is actually pulling against the entire tunnel with his electromagnet. but the Gentleman doesn't accept her answers, nor doing a test with her, as he thinks this is not valuable. The conversation ends by the Student saying that she doesn't know what the Gentleman expects her to do.

She goes on to look for another box still, and finds one. The next box she finds troubles her greatly, and she goes to complain to the Runner.


Main article: Discoveries

Story (44)

The Angel and the Student meet during theAngel Missions (The Nerd). Angel tells the Student to go home with him, but the Student says refuses, saying that she has scientific discoveries to make. The Angel asks what she could possibly discover in space and she lists some. Then, the Angel says to the Student that they just discovered the yellow rings and the Student responds that there is science behind the rings that he must understand. Then she insists that she and Runner can research the the tunnels better than the actual scientist can.

The Angel goes to the Winter Games to meet the others, and the Student leaves the U Tunnel.


Main article: Protip

Story (45)

After reaching the backwards Level U-8 box push during the Bridge Building, when the player presses the home button and back to Explore mode, this cutscene will be initiated. The Student complains about she is frustrated to push the box all over the tunnel again every time she falls out the tunnel. The Runner then tells her that if she teleports while being very calm, the box won't move.

Determined to test this, she goes from being calm to not calm, ruling out coincidence and coming up with more theories on teleportation.

Crossing the Gap

Main article: Crossing the Gap

Story (46)

After you use the Student to collect a number of boxes in the Bridge Building minigame, when you push the box to the rendezvous point in B-13, you will meet the Runner with a pile of ringed boxes. She asks the Student if enough boxes were collected, and the Student says yes to. Although the Runner has some doubts about not having enough, the Student convinces the Runner that it's enough and they start crossing the gap, the Skater following none too far behind.

Angel vs. Bunny

Main article: Angel vs. Bunny

Story (47)

Unlocked after clicking on The Way Back, part 1, a cutscene will begin featuring the characters that are going home. The Angel leads the Duplicator and the Child towards the Winter Games, part 9, and they meet the Pastafarian and Bunny, who apparently was bouncing around the Winter Games. The Bunny bounces on top of Angel, and the Child agrees it to do so. Then Angel kicks the Bunny away. The Angel tells them to follow his instructions and don't get into any trouble.


Main article: Revision

Story (48)

After beating the Memory Evaluation, part 2, a cutscene featuring the Gentleman begins. The Gentleman notes that the simple design of the tunnel makes it too easy to complete. He then leaves and comes back with a ring, which he uses to move the tiles and the dark tiles to a more presentable structure. The Gentleman thinks out loud that he should hire others to do this work, saying that he should not have to perform such menial labor, before falling into the void.

Of Course

Main article: Of Course

Story (49)

The Duplicator and the Child reach The Way Back, part 7 and find out there is a large gap between parts 7 and 8. They suspect the Angel to cut the part away so they won't be able to go back and tell the other people about the tunnels. The Child tries to make the jump.

Grand Opening

Main article: Grand Opening

Story (50)

After beating Memory Evaluation, a cutscene featuring the Gentleman will appear. He is standing at the beginning of Memory Evaluation, part 1, describing how the first half of the tunnel lets you memorize the configuration of the tiles before being plunged into darkness. It then is revealed that the Gentleman was only rehearsing to the Lizard, and cannot wait when others who can give criticism see his creation. He then starts over in rehearsing his speech to the Lizard.


Main article: Obvious

Story (51)

There is a talk between the Pastafarian and the Angel. The Pastafarian thinks the noodly appearance of the tunnels reveal that is a tribute to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But the Angel disagrees and says the purpose of the tunnels is obvious. Stating that they lead the Planet to the Wormhole, believing that this is more than enough info to tell what they are for. Then the Angel leads the Pastafarian to the Boat, and the Pastafarian asks, "What is this?". The Angel says that he just told her.


Main article: Truancy

Story (52)

After beating Level N-9, a cutscene will begin showing a conversation between the Skater and the Student. The Skater asks why she doesn't want to go home and she responds that if she doesn't figure how the tunnels work, someone else will take the glory. The Student then asks the Skater why he isn't going home and he responds that he thinks school is boring and says that he is going to skip a few years of school. The Student opposes, saying that school doesn't work like that. They both agree to go back work afterwards, the Skater saying skating practice counts.


Main article: Sneaking

Story (53)

After beating Not the Way Back, part 5, a cutscene with the Angel talking to himself will begin. While the Angel realizes that this tunnel was not the way back, he notices that the gravity isn't changing, and deduces that the Child is spying on him. The Angel asks why the Child was spying on him and he says that he only had a question. The Child then says his dad calls the game "Conspircy", but it's really hide and seek. The Angel leaves, and the Child is left saying that he did not get to ask his question or kick him.

Boat Ride

Main article: Boat Ride

Story (54)

Upon clicking The Way Back, part 8, a cutscene with everyone who is going home will begin. The Angel orders the Duplicator, Child, and Bunny into the boat, questioning why they were trying to throw the Bunny across. On the boat, the Bunny attacks the Angel by biting the Angel's antenna. The Child encourages the Bunny, but is then told by the Pastafarian to get the Bunny off the Angel. The Duplicator tells his son to get off the boat after the Pastafarian insists on teaching him the Laws of Piracy, holding the Child's balloon. The Duplicator gets off, but the Child doesn't. The Child's balloon also flies away. Then the Child asks why they aren't stopping and the Angel says sarcastically that maybe the Duplicator wanted to take a walk and leaves him behind.

The Duplicator assumes that his son stayed on the Boat to get information on the others.

Morning Hypothesis (Part 1)

Main article: Morning Hypothesis

Story (55)

After beatingLevel C-1, we see theStudentsleeping between Level C-2 and Level C-3. She then wakes up to "drink" a battery, and wonders about today's hypothesis.

Morning Hypothesis (Part 2)

Main article: Morning Hypothesis

After beatingLevel C-2, the Student decides to test why or if her mood is important when teleporting.For her test, she stands on the edge of the tunnel with her eye closed, then when she least expects it, someone else will push her out of the tunnel.Something starts beeping and she starts trying to figure out who or what is making the noise.

Morning Hypothesis (Part 3)

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The Student is confused, and she then says nobody else is here, and the tunnel is beeping on its own.She tests for people, shouting if anyone was there. She thinks she's alone, and has to figure out, on her own, with nothing but a loud tunnel, what is happening. Then an unknown voice booms telling the Student to stay where she is as the Authorities were notified of her location. The Student is taken off guard and is somewhat frightened.

Morning Hypothesis (Part 4)

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The Student is in Level C-4, and she is trying to talk to the tunnel, or the Authorities, whatever. She says, "Are you still there? Cause we need to talk." She gets no response, and is annoyed at how they already lost track of her. Then she thinks that the person might just be rude.

Morning Hypothesis (Part 5)

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The Student does her hypothesis, then realized the Authorities aren't here yet. She begins going through everything she said before the beeping started, trying to give the voice some hints. She then explains that she originally thought the Authority was a person, but realized she was wrong when the voice never answered her shouts, unlike a normal person. She asks if anything she said rings any bells, but then was answered with silence.She decides to wait for the authorities and let them explain everything to her. In the mean time begins reading a magazine from her backpack, but then soon falls asleep.A while later, she wakes up, and she thinks she figured it out, saying that she just needed to sleep on it.


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Story (56)

After beating I-7, a cutscenes begins with the Skater asking the Runner why she doesn't want to go home when she's very famous. The Runner responds that she got tired of fame. He compares how no one could even remember him to how everyone talked about the Runner, mentioning the Dancer. The Runner says she didn't appreciate her fame. She says that she doesn't know everything, yet people began to think that she did. She gives an example of a time when the Sailor got struck by lightning saying that it was mostly her fault. The Skater changes the subject and asks the Runner how to get famous, but she refuses, saying that she doesn't want to give him an incomplete map.

Fourth Condiment

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Story (57)

The Angel, comes across the the Plan A and Plan C tunnels. After arguing with the others about which one to explore first, he kicks them out and goes to build Launch Site A. The Bunny supposedly bounces off, but the Pastafarian stays with the Child, and continues her lesson.

After beating The Way Back, part 16, the Pastafarian is teaching the Child the Condiments of Piracy. The Child is very bored and falls asleep. The Duplicator arrives and the Child wakes up and hugs him. The Pastafarian leaves. The Duplicator asks his son if he learned anything and he replies with, "All I learned is that pirates are super boring.", missing the point that his father meant information about his conspiracy.


Main article: Wait

Story (58)

After beating Plan A, part 8, a cutscene featuring with the Duplicator and Child will begin. The Duplicator had just finished explaining to his son why they don't use violence to solve their problems. All of a sudden, the Duplicator turns around and realizes that the Child suddenly has his balloon back.

Stop Solving Problems

Main article: Stop Solving Problems

Story (59)

After beating Launch Site A, a cutscene starts which stars the Duplicator and the Angel. The Duplicator asks if the Angel thinks he can get away with spoiling his son. The Duplicator mentions two times when the Angel solved the problem for the Child and asks what lesson the Angel is teaching to the Child. The Angel says he is teaching him how to solve problems but the Duplicator thinks the opposite. He says that his son will think that if he waits long enough someone will come and solve his problems for him. The Duplicator says that the Angel can't talk to his son and no more problem solving and give his son a chance to learn.


Main article: Superpowers

Story (60)

After beating Plan C, part 8, the Child asks the Pastafarian which superpower she would like to have. She doesn't have an answer, and so the Child asks the Angel. The Angel chooses hammerspace. The Child says he wants to control the wind and the Angel, stopping his work on building Launch Site C, states that the Child chose a bad power. Then the Pastafarian takes the Angel away. She says that this is supposed to a fun fiction game. She lectures the Angel, saying that it is his own fault for no one listening to him. Then, the Pastafarian leaves, saying that she has no desire to go to the Planet and only came to help the Angel become nicer. As she leaves, the Angel realizes, she never needed his help.

Can't Wait

Main article: Can't Wait

Story (61)

After beating Plan A, part 16, the Child says, "I can't wait to be home again! Dad, are we almost there?" The Duplicator has a couple of nostalgia moments and then the Child daydreams about what they will do when they get home.


Main Article: ABCD

Story (62)

After Launch Site C, a cutscene will begin featuring the Duplicator and Angel. The Duplicator announces to the Angel that he cracked the code which explains why the Angel named the tunnels A and C, but skipping B and D. The Duplicator explains how the Bunny, Pastafarian, and himself are out, leaving the Angel and Child, standing for Plans A and C. The Angel finds this funny and explains that Plans A and B come from Launch Site A and C and D from Launch Site C. Then the Angel says that when they are going home the Duplicator will not interfere. Annoyed, the Duplicator leaves, but then stops to ask why they not going the same way they entered the tunnels which The Angel says is Plan E, and tells the Duplicator to go away.

The barrier in the launch site is made to have an even smaller hole after the fact.

Two Month Wait (Part 1)

Main article: Two Month Wait

Story (63)

After beating Plan C, part 9, a cutscene involving the Child and the Duplicator appears. The Child complains about two month wait until they could get home. Then the Child said that 2 months is too long. with the Duplicator quietly saying it might've been 2 and a half. He tells him to look on the bright side, to find a faster way to get home 2 months before the Angel does. However, the Duplicator has no idea how and tells the Child that he's counting on him to find a way.

Two Month Wait (Part 2)

Main article: Two Month Wait

After beating Plan C, part 12, a cutscene involving the Child and the Angel appears. The Child catches up to the Angel, and complaining that the Angel is making them wait 2 months. The Angel says it isn't true that he himself is causing the wait, but the Planet and the Tunnels' different orbital speeds. The Child is confused. The Angel explains that the Planet is about 100 million km away and will come back in 2 months. The Child still does not get what the Angel is saying.

Two Month Wait (Part 3)

Main article: Two Month Wait

After beating Plan C, part 14, a cutscene starring the Child appears. He appears to spin while saying he's too bored. He then lies down for a few seconds (possibly falling asleep, see Development Streams: The Dream Sequence.) and then he has an idea of building a spaceship. Then he comes back to Plan C, part 9 when he told the Angel he is building a spaceship in 2 months, but the Angel admonishes the Child, saying he isn't going to be successful. The Angel then says "It's worth a try. It'll be a good learning experience." The Child replies with "But I don't want a learning experience! I just want to go home!" The Angel ends the cutscene with the line, "Too late. We're doing this."

Not Alright

Main article: Not Alright

Story (64)

After beating Launch Site E, the cutscene will begin, showing the Pastafarian in Level 37 right after leaving Coordination Challenge. Angel walks toward the Pastafarian angrily and complains about how he failed to get to the planet. Pastafarian invites him to come look for the the Runner, and he agrees. Then she has the idea to go get his boat so it'll be a faster trip. Angel agrees and remarks that he hopes he won't have to see Duplicator.


Ten aliens enter tunnels in space. The Runner, a famous cartographer, the Skater, an athletic teenager, the Lizard, a sleepy reptile, the Bunny, a hyperactive rodent, the Child, a sneaky kid, the Duplicator(also known as the Negotiator), a conspiracy making family man, the Gentleman, an upper class with an amazing vocabulary, the Pastafarian, a bridge wielding priest of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Student, an intelligent gravity manipulator, and the Angel, an egotistical engineer. They explore for awhile and all meet each other. The Angel, Bunny, Child and Duplicator want to go home but find out that their Planet is missing.

They end up looking for a way home. The Child watches the others activity, and his father uses the info to come up with a conspiracy. The Angel get's tired of the Runner's leadership, and finds his own way home. The Student discovers a wormhole alongside the Runner, and they start brainstorming ways to reach it, not wishing to return home yet. The Student finds ringed boxes and tells the Runner (who later recruits the Skater) to collect rings in order to build a box bridge to the Wormhole.

The Angel finds who he can and tells them to come home with him. The Runner, Skater, Student, and Gentleman decline, while the Lizard is basically left behind. The Pastafarian finds the Bunny. The Gentleman is revealed to have taken the Lizard for himself, and works on his project, the Gentleman's own tunnel, the Memory Evaluation. The Runner starts to the Wormhole, while the Angel starts home.

The Angel is revealed to be working on a boat, which they use to cross a gap they find, and leave the Duplicator behind, leaving him to catch up. The Duplicator starts to suspect that the Angel wants to take his son, and the Angel estimates that they should get home in about two months.

The Runner and Skater split from the Student. The Student is working on test when she hears strange beeping. This beeping responds to her telling her the Authorities are coming. She waits, and sleeps, and finds out how to start the beeping again and why it is caused.

The Pastafarian leaves the Angel, and finds the Gentleman. It is revealed that the Gentleman has been building another tunnel this whole time, the Coordination Challenge. The Pastafarian is asked to test it, and obliges. The Pastafarian finishes and asks where the Runner is. The Child decides he will build a spaceship with the Angel, and it turns into a learning experience, where they try and figure out how to leave the tunnel re-spawn barrier. This is to be continued...

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Story (2024)


Story? ›

noun. , plural sto·ries. a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader; tale. Synonyms: chronicle, history, record, anecdote, fable, legend, romance.

What do you mean by story? ›

noun. , plural sto·ries. a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader; tale. Synonyms: chronicle, history, record, anecdote, fable, legend, romance.

What is the synonym of story? ›

story (noun as in account, news) Strongest matches. adventure anecdote article autobiography biography book comedy description drama fable fantasy feature fiction history information legend memoir myth narrative novel record report tale tragedy version.

What is story and example? ›

1. countable noun. A story is a description of imaginary people and events, which is written or told in order to entertain. The second story in the book is titled 'The Scholar'. I shall tell you a story about four little rabbits.

What is the meaning of the full story? ›

: all the facts : everything. They failed to tell us the whole story.

What's the story meaning? ›

What's the story? When Irish people meet up they'll say, “what's the story?”, which is another way of saying “hello” or “what's happening?”. “You put the heart across me” If you spook or accidentally frighten an Irish person and they say “you put the heart across me”, they really mean that you took them by surprise.

What is the proper meaning of story? ›

A story is a narrative or account of events, often involving characters and a plot, that is told to convey information, entertain, or engage an audience. It typically has a beginning, middle, and end and follows a structured or unstructured sequence of events.

What is a synonym for story or tale? ›

account anecdote fable fiction legend myth narrative novel short story yarn.

What to say instead of the story? ›

Synonyms of 'story' in American English
  • tale.
  • account.
  • anecdote.
  • history.
  • legend.
  • narrative.
  • romance.
  • yarn.

What is the nearest meaning of story? ›

Definitions of story. a record or narrative description of past events. “the story of exposure to lead” synonyms: account, chronicle, history.

What is a story with a meaning called? ›

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “allegory” as a “story, picture, or other piece of art that uses symbols to convey a hidden or ulterior meaning, typically a moral or political one.” In its most simple and concise definition, an allegory is when a piece of visual or narrative media uses one thing to “stand in for” ...

What is the story called? ›

A narrative, story, or tale is any account of a series of related events or experiences, whether non-fictional (memoir, biography, news report, documentary, travelogue, etc.) or fictional (fairy tale, fable, legend, thriller, novel, etc.).

What are the 3 types of stories? ›

A list made by Foster-Harris in 1959 claimed there are only three types of stories:
  • Happy ending.
  • Unhappy ending.
  • Tragedy.

What is a synonym for the whole story? ›

Synonyms: complete , entire , full , total , comprehensive.

What is the main message of a story called? ›

Theme is the main or central idea in a literary work. It is the unifying element of a story. A theme is not a summary of characters or events. Rather, it is the controlling idea or central insight of the story.

What is the literal meaning of short story? ›

A short story is a work of prose fiction that can be read in one sitting—usually between 20 minutes to an hour. There is no maximum length, but the average short story is 1,000 to 7,500 words, with some outliers reaching 10,000 or 15,000 words.

What is the meaning behind story? ›

a description of a series of real or imaginary events which is intended to entertain people: a horror/detective story. the story of the revolution.

What is the overall meaning of a story? ›

Overall meaning refers to the central message or main idea conveyed by a literary work. It encompasses the deeper understanding that can be derived from analyzing various elements such as plot, characters, symbols, and themes.

What qualifies as a story? ›

What is a Story? A story or narrative is a connected series of events told through words (written or spoken), imagery (still and moving), body language, performance, music, or any other form of communication.

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