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The L-Tunnel is a Tunnel connected to the Main Tunnel. It is 5 levels long. The T-Tunnel links to it.

The L-Tunnel branches off the Main Tunnel at Level 55, and is accessible through Level A-9, and so is Level 56. You should be fine with the Runner, but the Child and Pastafarian could provide some help should you need it.

Suggested Characters: L-Tunnel (1)L-Tunnel (2)L-Tunnel (3)


There is a cutscene in this tunnel. More information can be found on the Story page.

Don't Knock It[]

This cutscene shows the Skater constantly trying to pass Level L-4 without success. The Angel turns up and tells the Skater to wait. He says The Skater will have an easier time if he takes off his skates. He replies saying skating is fun and also says "Don't knock it until you have tried it." The Angel mumbles to himself saying some people use tools to solve problems...


  • This tunnel is at first unlocked by beating Level 56, but it was later changed to require you beating Level 55.


Very easy
Not too easy
Almost medium
Over medium
Above medium
Fairly hard
Extra hard
Insanely hard

Difficulty of the Levels of the L-Tunnel[]



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L-Tunnel (2024)


What must you do at the entrance of a tunnel? ›

When entering a tunnel:
  • listen for updates or important traffic information on your radio.
  • turn on your headlights.
  • take your sunglasses off (unless prescription glasses are required)
  • obey all traffic signs, signals and pavement markings.
  • avoid changing lanes if possible (this improves safety for everybody in the tunnel)
Feb 3, 2023

Why is it dark inside a tunnel? ›

This is because luminance levels inside the tunnel are much lower than those outside and our eyes have difficulty adapting to the sudden difference. To alleviate this effect, a higher, “reinforced” level of lighting must therefore be provided at the tunnel entrance.

What to do when going through a tunnel? ›

Stick to the speed limit: Observe all speed limits on the approaches to and through the tunnel – caution these may change. Safe distance: Always maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. For regular cars, leave at least a 2-second gap. Larger vehicles need a 4-second gap for safety.

Can you pass in a tunnel? ›

Overtaking in a tunnel

Overtaking is prohibited in tunnels unless there is more than one lane for traffic flowing in one direction. If there is two-way traffic, you cannot approach from behind and pass a vehicle travelling in the same direction.

What are the basics of tunnels? ›

A tunnel is an underground or undersea passageway. It is dug through surrounding soil, earth or rock, or laid under water, and is enclosed except for the portals, commonly at each end.

Why is it hot inside a tunnel? ›

However, due to the long air transport distance in the deep tunnel, the air flow on the ground has a higher temperature when it reaches the working face. In engineering practice, ventilation is usually combined with refrigeration at the same time [14,15,16].

Have tunnels ever collapsed? ›

Collapsed Indian tunnel had no safety exit, was built through geological fault - panel member | Reuters.

Why can't you breathe in a tunnel? ›

Just like passing a graveyard, some drivers hold the superstition that you should hold your breath as you drive through a tunnel. Supposedly, if you can make it the lenght of the tunnel without breathing, you can make a wish at the end and said wish will come true.

What if you break down in a tunnel? ›

What to do if your car breaks down inside a tunnel? The engine must be switched off and the hazard warning lights must be turned on. You should stay in the car and have your seat belt buckled, then call the police immediately for help. Follow the tunnel officers' instructions, if any.

What are the blue lights in a tunnel for? ›

Users were then asked what these lights were for: the yellow lights are direction indicators for users evacuating on foot; the blue lights show the safety distance between two vehicles travelling at the speed limit in the tunnel.

Why turn on radio in tunnel? ›

This is because they often have 'wideband' transmitters inside the tunnel itself- doesn't matter what frequency you are tuned to, it will pick it up- and they use this to issue alerts, traffic warnings etc (as well as in many cases they will have multiple low powered transmitters that retransmit the actual local radio ...

What should you do before entering a tunnel? ›

Before entering a tunnel:
  1. Switch on dipped headlights.
  2. Be prepared to reduce your speed if conditions require.
  3. Remove your sunglasses.
  4. Turn on the local radio channel for traffic information. These channels can give advance warning of congestion or incidents in the tunnel.

What is a tunnel entrance called? ›

A hillside tunnel entrance is called a portal; tunnels may also be started from the bottom of a vertical shaft or from the end of a horizontal tunnel driven principally for construction access and called an adit.

What must be done in a fire in a tunnel? ›

Fires in tunnels
  1. Turn on your hazard lights and turn off your engine.
  2. Check for oncoming traffic and exit your vehicle when it's safe. ...
  3. Use one of the emergency phones along the tunnel wall to call for help.
  4. If in doubt about your safety, leave the tunnel via the nearest exit.

What must you do in case of a traffic jam in a tunnel? ›

Traffic jam
  • Switch on your hazard warning lights immediately.
  • Maintain the minimum distance.
  • Switch off your engine.
  • Do not turn round or reverse.
  • Pay attention to tunnel announcements or the tunnel loudspeaker.
  • Remain in the car. – Only leave your vehicle if requested by our staff. – Do not lock your car.

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