U-Tunnel (2024)


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Gameplay
  • 3 Plot
    • 3.1 Orbits
    • 3.2 Affliction
    • 3.3 Discoveries
    • 3.4 Planet Stolen
    • 3.5 Protip
    • 3.6 Student Teacher
  • 4 Achievement
    • 4.1 Straight Forward
  • 5 Difficulty
    • 5.1 Difficulty of the Levels of the U-Tunnel
  • 6 Gallery


The U-Tunnel is a side tunnel that branches off of Level 40 of the Main Tunnel, along with the B-Tunnel. The tunnel consists of ten levels which can be played with every character. It is not visible until you play 50 levels, and then if you click on the planet (which is now yellow) a cutscene will ensue. Afterwards, the U-tunnel will be available to play.

Suggested Characters: U-Tunnel (1)U-Tunnel (2)U-Tunnel (3)


The 10 levels of the tunnel proves that the side tunnel is quite a long one, compared to most other tunnels.

The levels aren't too hard, though some may be a little bit harder, and some will be quite hard. The average difficulty is over medium.


There are six cutscenes in this tunnel. More information can be found on the Story page.


After beatingLevel U-10, a cutscene starring theDuplicatorand theRunnerwill begin. The Duplicator whispers to the Runner asking where she put thePlanet, and that he promises not to tell anyone. The Runner looks exasperated as she explains once again that she didn't steal it. She then leaves to map out another tunnel and tells the Duplicator to "Catch up once you realize that the Planet orbits faster than us."


The Student meets the Gentleman, and Gentleman asks her if she arrived at a solution to his affliction. The Student tells him about the rings she found on the boxes, but the Gentleman doesn't accept her answers, nor doing a test with her, as he thinks this is not valuable. The conversation ends by the Student saying that she doesn't know what the Gentleman expects her to do.


The Angel and the Student meet during the Angel Mission (The Nerd). Angel tells the Student to go home with him, but the Student says refuses, saying that she has scientific discoveries to make. Angel asks what she could possibly discover in space and she lists some. Then, the Angel says that they just discovered the yellow rings and the Student responds that there is science behind the rings that he must understand. Then she insists that she and Runner can research the rings better than the actual scientist can.

Planet Stolen[]

Upon clicking onU-10, a cutscene will begin showing a discussion between theDuplicatorand theRunnerabout the strange disappearance of thePlanet. The Duplicator tells the Runner that the Planet is gone, but she only says "It'll come back." Then the Duplicator accuses the Runner of being the one who stole the planet, to which the Runner responds, "I think I'll ignore that entirely," and the two proceed to map out the next tunnel.


After reaching the backwardsLevel U-8box push during the Bridge Building, when someone presses the home button, this cutscene will be initiated. The Student complains about she is frustrated to push the box all over the tunnel every time she falls out the tunnel. The Runner then tells her that if she teleports while being very calm, the box won't move.

Student Teacher[]

When the Power Cell doodle is clicked on the map, a cutscene will begin inLevel U-2in which theGentlemanseeks advice from theStudent. He explains that the power cells pull him toward them instead of vice-versa and asks if he might have installed the electromagnet in backwards. The Student runs an experiment and throws a power cell in the air. The Gentleman flies toward it and off the screen, but then reappears and shouts at the Student. She apologizes. He eventually agrees that they learned that electromagnets work in all directions.


There is 1 achievement in this tunnel.

Straight Forward[]

Suggested Characters: U-Tunnel (4)U-Tunnel (5)U-Tunnel (6)

Don't change gravity (not even a little) during Level U-6.


Very easy
Not too easy
Almost medium
Over medium
Above medium
Fairly hard
Extra hard
Insanely hard

Difficulty of the Levels of the U-Tunnel[]



U-Tunnel (2024)


Is Utunnel safe? ›

Its user-friendly interface, exceptional security measures, fast speeds, and excellent customer support make it an excellent choice for individuals and businesses alike.

How to get the U-tunnel run 3? ›

It is not visible until you play 50 levels, and then if you click on the planet (which is now yellow) a cutscene will ensue. Afterwards, the U-tunnel will be available to play.

How many levels are in U-Tunnel Run 3? ›

Run 3
Tunnel NameBranched-off levelAmount of levels
U-TunnelLevel 4010
The Crystal Gallery (D-Tunnel)Level U-914
G-TunnelLevel 4910
L-TunnelLevel 555
29 more rows

How many levels are in the D Tunnel Run 3? ›

The Crystal Gallery (aka the D-Tunnel) is a side tunnel that branches off of Level U-9. The tunnel consists of fourteen levels varying in difficulty.

Is I top VPN safe? ›

Yes, iTop VPN is considered safe for the average user. It offers the standard security suite necessary for any worthwhile VPN provider. That means customers gain strong encryption, reliable tunneling protocols, a no-logs policy, leak protection, ad-blocking tools, and more.

Is pi hole a VPN? ›

Description. An on demand, fully configured, ready to use, secure, private, open source VPN.

How do you get the bunny guy in Run 3? ›

Character Unlocks

Skater - Complete level 10. Lizard - Complete level 40. Bunny - Complete 8 in-game achievements, or purchase from the shop (2,000 power cells). Gentleman - Complete tasks in other Kongregate games, or purchase from the shop (2,000 power cells).

Can you still play Run 3? ›

Run 3 is now available in HTML5, so you can play without Flash support. You can play the online game for free on your PC.

Is run3 on cool math games? ›

How many Run games are there? There are 3 Run Games on Coolmath Games, with the most popular being Run 3.

How to get angel in run 3? ›

Gameplay. The Angle can only be unlocked by buying him in the shop for 69,000 Power cells, making him the most costly character except on mobile, where he is beaten by the Duplicator and the Pastafarian.

Where can I play Run 3 Unblocked? ›

Run 3 Unblocked now you can play right on Chrome™ Browser! Offline and Popup Version, without internet required!

Will there be a run 4? ›

Run 4. Characters: Player_03 has confirmed several Run 3 side characters will appear in Run 4, and has hinted at the Climber, and all characters returning. This makes characters such as the Sailor and Demagogue very likely. Story: The story is currently unknown, at least to the public.

How do you get the N tunnel in Run 3? ›

The Way Onwards is a tunnel in Run 3. It becomes available after finishing the Bridge Building minigame. It is one of the few tunnels consisting of conveyor tiles (the others being the I-Tunnel, the H-Tunnel, and the C-Tunnel so far).

How do you get to the L tunnel in Run 3? ›

The L-Tunnel branches off the Main Tunnel at Level 55, and is accessible through Level A-9, and so is Level 56. You should be fine with the Runner, but the Child and Pastafarian could provide some help should you need it.

What tunnel is the Wormhole in Run 3? ›

The Wormhole is one of the many major plot points in Run 3. The Wormhole was first identified by the Student but first shown in-game in the cut-scene "Wormhole in Sight," which is shown after beating Level T-7. It is thought to be reached from an unreleased runnel known as The Runway.

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